FORTNITE JARL reveals his tricks
FORTNITE JARL reveals his tricks

FORTNITE JARL reveals his tricks 

The danish star – FORTNITE JARL – reveals his tricks – and designates one thing to drop Drop gems and get out of the bush if you dream of becoming a pro Fortnite gamer. This is what FORTNITE JARL is talking about playing the ultrapopular game.


23-year-old FORTNITE JARL is a professional FORTNITE gamer. FORTNITE JARL is also known as JARL / JARL SNOW / FNATIC JARL. The full name of FORTNITE JARL is Christoffer Snejbjerg Jensen. FORTNITE JARL lives in Aalborg. Since July FORTNITE JARL has been a part of the FNATIC Fortnite roster. Under the name FNATIC JARL he participates in global tournaments and streams his games to thousands of fans on his Twitch channel. For 5-8 hours a day, FORTNITE JARL plays the ultrapopular game ‘Fortnite’, which has over 125 million users worldwide. Fortnite has entered the history books as a pop cultural and economic mega success. Hopeful Fortnite players will battle for 100 million Dollars the next year.

Since mid July 2018 FORTNITE JARL has been a part of the FNATIC Fortnite roster. The Esports team Fnatic, founded in 2004 and headquartered in London. In addition to participating in tournaments with staggering prize sums, FORTNITE JARL also streams his games on his Twitch channel, where about 20,000 accompanies.

Now FORTNITE JARL reveals his tricks to become a better Fortnite player – and also points to a single thing that can stand in the way of developing as a player.

Control your keys – FORTNITE JARL TIP #1

The most important tip of FORTNITE JARL is that you control the settings for which keyboard keys have what features. The so-called ‘binds’. FORTNITE JARL says: “I have a rule that each finger has its own job“. That is, to make sure that you do not have a finger to hit two buttons at the same time. So make sure you do not have to change weapons and build with the same key. It’s a personal thing, what works best for one self. But it’s about trying out some different things to find out what fits your style,  FORNITE Jarl continues.


Set your target crown – FORTNITE JARL TIP #2

Another important aspect of Fortnite is that you are guided by how to aim. Often the games can be hectic and fast, so it’s necessary that you are 100% sure how the mouse responds in stressed situations. – Try to find a sweet spot that you think is good for you. It can be slow, it can be fast, it varies greatly depending on who you are as a person. Are you good at timing your shots when you move the mouse? Or are you better at specifying the mouse when you aim? “Of course, it’s different if you aim for a shotgun or sniper, but you can, for example, adjust the mouse to move a bit slower when zooming in with a sniper, for example. And then it’s faster when you walk in the free world, explains FORTNITE JARL.  

Be brave! – FORTNITE JARL TIP #3

In Fortnite, one fights to death until the last survivor among the 100 players. It can be a scary thing, but that’s why there’s a lot more reason to be brave, Jarl says: “What happens to many when they encounter an opponent in ‘Fortnite’ is that they get a very strong reaction and get scared. What you have to think about is that this one plays like one yourself. In order for me to get on the track, I’ll shoot him, I say to myself. – So I do not get scared and think “Oh, shit! There is a player! “. But you have to react as if this is a challenge in the game – and you’ll be over it. You must make sure not to see the players like an evil boss, a monster or anything else scary.

Become a master to build – FORTNITE JARL TIP #4

You can build barricades, towers and other types of constructions in FORTNITE, that can give advantages in the game. It’s a good idea to master that kind of craft, FORTNITE JARL means: – You must practice building quickly. And practice building smartly. If you build smart, make sure that the construction you are standing on is not only held up by one plate. And when you build a barricade you are sure that you are covered from all angles so that you are not shot in the back when you sit and aim at another opponent. And then, as FORTNITE JARL says, you have to make sure you keep a certain speed. You must practice how quickly you can build these constructions – and then master it.

Drop hiding – FORTNITE JARL TIP #5 

Because Fortnite is everyone’s struggle against all, it can be tempting to hide “In order to develop as a player it is important that you take the fight against the opponents. And practice in fighting with other players. You have to take the confrontations so that you can become the best version of yourself and become comfortable in your own style of play. – So if you play scared around, hide in bushes or sit down in a basement – You do not learn so much. It may be that you get in the top 10 because you are good at hiding but if you do not fight the opponents, you do not learn anything and you do not develop is the last advice from FORTNITE JARL.