JARL is a professional FORTNITE esport athlete playing for FNATIC

This is JARL’s official website. Here you can find information about JARL, FNATIC and Fortnite. 

JARL’s real name is Christoffer Snejbjerg Jensen. JARL is 23 years old and lives in Aalborg in a gaming apartment with his FNATIC teammate ETTNIX. You may also know JARL from Twitch and social medias as FNATIC JARL. On Twitch  you can watch FNATIC JARL most days playing Fortnite on his stream.

More than 125 million people play the phenomenon Fortnite, but few are as sharp as JARL. JARL is one of the 10 best in the world for the Battle Royale game, according to the official Fortnite leaderboard. That’s why JARL have taken the step further and have become full-time Fortnite player for the huge international sports organization FNATIC as the first Dane ever.

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Business inquiries are wellcome at: jarl_snowBI@outlook.com

FNATIC JARL aka Christoffer Snejbjerg Jensen